What We Do

At Modern Pulse Consulting, over 30 years of combined industry experience has taught us that product, marketing and business expertise are tightly linked. It is because of this interconnection that we offer consulting in all three segments of trade. We have the experience to take on strategic business engagements that allow us to collaborate as a team from the outside in. We partner with our clients to help them achieve their business goals by analyzing financials, operations, distribution and sales teams. By working this deeply we can solve problems and provide solutions that perform well in the marketplace for both large corporations and small companies. If you seek product development assistance you will find our approach refreshing. We use our expertise to work with clients to focus on RFP ReasonFor Purchase. By consistently exploring emerging trends in the market along with understanding current market needs we are poised to create product that has lasting power and validity.

Our overall branding programs incorporate marketing strategies and communication tactics that seamlessly integrate brand and product. Creating new and compelling brand and business stories is what we do. Whether in the early-stages of starting a business or in the process of evolving an existing corporation, the specifics of each partnership are customized for the needs of the endeavor at hand. At Modern Pulse, we are 100% committed to work side-by-side with our clients to teach, coach and strategize to produce a stronger business.

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