Forecasting: The Pulse of Footwear

Welcome to “The Pulse Of Footwear” a new service created by a team of seasoned and accomplished industry insiders whose extensive careers traverse the fields of design, analysis, forecasting, reporting, merchandising and manufacturing for the footwear industry. We understand the business of footwear and footwear as a business.

Our mission is to provide clients in retail, wholesale and product development with a powerful tool that makes their journeys more efficient, less costly, and more accurate. We accomplish our mission by offering specific, time–sensitive, actionable information and gear it to the mass market.

If your tired of being overloaded with general fashion information and don’t have the time to filter through it all, then we are the service for you. We break it down and truly focus in on the right trends that are profitable for your business. 

Runway Pulse

A Biannual expert analysis showcasing the most important footwear categories coming off the runways, the details to look for and sketches of how these looks can be interpreted to mass market.

Retail Pulse

Quarterly report with photos highlighting footwear trends at retail in the U.S. and abroad from toe and heel shapes to color, leather, texture and style categories

Color & Leather Pulse

Seasonal report for leather and color direction based on leather fairs and what is working or not at retail. Seasonal color stories and suggested delivery flow.

Fast Pulse

A report that identifies key footwear items to consider in season for fast turnaround.

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