About Us

“The success of any brand is a fusion of three elements: product, business and marketing.”

With over 30 years of answering the needs to some of the most prominent names in footwear and handbags, Len Pesko and Deborah Pestka have partnered to create Modern Pulse Consulting Group.

As a team of seasoned professionals, we can clearly see that the footwear and handbag industry landscapes are being reinvented. At Modern Pulse, we continuously reassess this changing world and use the insight, knowledge and experience to take advantage of these changes and the opportunities they present.

Our dedication to the accessory market is one of the many reasons our clients seek our services. They value that we have spent years entrenched in there sector and have the unique ability to offer a new vision for there product, brands and business.

At Modern Pulse we empower our clients with the tools for ongoing success and create lasting relationships in the process.

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